The Wayfarer Foundation is devoted to ending homelessness and spreading LOVE through founder Justin Baldoni's BE LOVE mission. All proceeds from our shop not only aids the homeless community but also supports our 1:1 program and our yearly Skid Row Carnival of Love! 

 The Wayfarer 1:1 Program pairs unhoused and housed individuals together in the spirit of hope and love. They are brought together for a year to learn from each other and improve their lives. There are no judgements or expectations; rather, they exist as a unity to provide homeless citizens with the resources they need to make lasting changes.

The Skid Row Carnival of Love has become Los Angeles’ fastest growing community event. It is a day to celebrate the unhoused community and encourage one-on-one connections whilst providing the services and resources that those who are experiencing homelessness require. These include healthcare, career opportunities, education, legal and housing services, haircuts, foot washing, games, donations, food and great friendship – all of which help transform Skid Row into a place of connection, friendship and hope.

“Join The Wayfarer Foundation and help spread love with a purchase of one of our BE LOVE products! Your support means the world to us and we couldn’t be more thankful."

With Love,

Justin Baldoni & The Wayfarer Foundation