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BE LOVE Bracelet
BE LOVE Bracelet
BE LOVE Bracelet

BE LOVE Bracelet

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“Join The Wayfarer Foundation and help spread love with a purchase of one of our BE LOVE products! Your support means the world to us and we couldn’t be more thankful.”

  • Justin Baldoni & The Wayfarer Foundation

Become a part of the Wayfarer Foundation’s community of compassionate supporters by wearing our BE LOVE Bracelet. For our second custom MyIntent bracelet, we chose “Be Love” as a reminder to do everything in love and kindness. Each MyIntent bracelet is hand woven and hand-engraved by artisans in Los Angeles and comes attached with a card signed by the artisan.

Each purchase of a BE LOVE Bracelet goes towards funding the Wayfarer Foundation’s community outreach, which includes the Wayfarer Foundation’s 1:1 Program and Skid Row Carnival of Love. The Wayfarer Foundation believes that we can make homelessness a solvable problem through love, service, dignity, and friendship to our unhoused neighbors.

Wayfarer 1:1 is a year-long program bringing two people, one unhoused and one housed, together as equals to learn from each other and improve their lives. Teams are formed in the spirit of hope, dignity, and love that all people deserve. There is no judgements or expectations, only working together as friends to provide homeless citizens with the resources they need to make lasting changes. 

The Skid Row Carnival of Love is Los Angeles’ fastest growing community event and provides connection, services, and resources to people who are experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles’ Skid Row community. We create a day to celebrate the unhoused community and encourage one-on-one connections. Healthcare, career opportunities, education, legal and housing services, as well as haircuts, foot washing, fun and games, donations, food, and great friends help us transform Skid Row into a world of sincere connection, love, and hope.


Product Details:

  • Black Waxed Nylon Cord, Hand-Stamped Brass Plate.